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About Us



Ready Guard is an ISO certified, established, reliable and accredited protection firm. The firm is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 18788:2015 certified. The company was established and is being headed by retired Inspector General of Police, who has brought with him vast experience in various fields of security, policing and intelligence. Moreover, the company runs on the experience of many retired Military and Police officers who work in different capacities. The company is uniquely positioned to provide superior security services in a cost effective manner. Our commitment to professional quality service is un-matched as RGSS has set extremely high standards for security services. The company has been providing high caliber security services for clients since 2007.

We provide all our clients with trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional. We make sure to give priority to ex-service men from the forces and our staff is throughly vetted to regulatory standards. Senior members of staff conduct regular quality assurance checks at clients premises. Ready Guard is always available to discuss and analyze your security problems. The company will carry out full security analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your premises and advise on appropriate security arrangements. Here at Ready Guard we fully appreciate that when you are selecting a security supplier, you need complete confidence that the chosen company will not only match your requirements but also maintain highest service levels. This is why we place such importance on building close relationships with our clients.



Ready Guard Methods


Strict Recruitment and Selection Procedure

Every guard is selected on the basis of recognized recruitment standards on the basis of physical well being, medical clearance, experience, education and above all mental robustness. These recruitment standards are enforced to prevent deployment of wrong inductees on our clients premises.


Verification Procedure

We have an "in house" verification procedure which verifies the guard before employment. We also check his background from the police and NADRA record. Security Guards are inducted after comprehensive screening, character verification from previous employers as well. Their photo IDs and fingerprints are preserved and relevant documents stored by the security company.


Training Procedure

All the guards are properly trained from a recognized training institute in which they are given courses in weapon handling, search procedures, drill and discipline etc. Before deployment each guard also undergoes a comprehensive job related training. We are also in the process of establishing our own Training Institute. Presently our security guards undergo extensive classroom instruction and are examined at Police Training School Islamabad. Continuous Specialized Training is given on site until the security officers/ guards are fully competent to deal with specific customer needs. Comprehensive work instruction and guidelines are prepared and issued to all personnel to cover key processes in order to ensure continuity in security guards service delivery that meets the required standards.


Monitoring Procedure

Our field operators professionally monitor and control the functioning of the guard on round the clock basis. The checking supervisors not only visit and monitor the guards but also brief them regularly on their professionalism, duties, responsibilities and the current security situation.


Customer Management Procedure

Our customer relation supervisors ensure regular communication with our clients and ensure that the clients are always satisfied. Each client is given personalized attention and Project Managers are appointed to supervise the security requirements of the clients and coordinate any security related issue with them. The Project Manager also manage the deployment, discipline, training, screening and other issues of the guards.

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