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Services Provided by the Security Company in Pakistan



RGSS has been providing security and other allied services to Semi-Government Organizations, Diplomatic Missions, Social & Entertainment Clubs, Industrial & Commercial Concerns, Residences, Office Complexes and Communities.



Close Protection Team

Close Protection Team is mainly drawn from Special Services Group of Pakistan Army, Elite Force of Police, and are trained to provide under cover security of the highest standards. This division forms the cream of our hand-picked men inclined and dedicated to accomplish important missions.

Security Of Premises

Installations, buildings, factories etc. which includes maintenance of security equipment installed i.e. Metal Detectors (Handheld & Walk Through), Explosive Detectors, Burglar Alarms, Access Control gates, baggage/ Mail Screening machines, Electronic Guard Monitoring Systems etc.

Cash in Transit

The Company also provides armored vehicles of protection Level B-6 for Cash in transit. The Services are available for Banks, Corporate Offices and Money Changers etc. Who deal in large transaction of Cash as well as Valuables.

Armored Transport

The Company provides top of the line Armored Transport Vehicles to our Clients and their Executives. The Vehicles are Protection Level B-6 and are manned by expert drivers and Close Protection Team.

Mobile Escorts

Mobile Escort Services are also provided by RGSS to protect personnel & property during movement. Escort teams are fully trained in defensive measures to meet any eventuality.

Security Surveys

Security Surveys are carried out by our team of professionals to prepare security evaluation reports whether security measures are meeting client's requirements. These reports are submitted along with recommendations to cover any shortcomings in security operations to ensure fool proof implementation of security operations. These surveys are also carried out for potential clients to design and suggest effective security operations at their sites.

Event Security

The company is excels is this field of security in which we cover the security arrangements of venue, these includes wedding ceremonies, private parties, seminars, galas, tournaments, private meetings etc.

Security Consultants


We also offer consultancy services to our clients in the following fields:

Personal Security Consultants
Industrial Security Consultants
Retail Security Consultants
Physical Security Consultants
Access Control Consultants
IT Security Consultants
Security Installation